How. Can. I. Relate to. Somebody. Who. Doesn't speak ?

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how dare u ignore me after ive made 0 attempts at talking to u

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I can’t stand slow texters I would rather eat black licorice than wait on your slow ass to text me back.

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a girl in the crowd at the 1975 concert shouted “i can’t breathe” to matty and matty shouted back “breathe or you’re gonna fucking die” and i think that describes every concert they’ve ever had perfectly

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"It only comes with self-analysis and being that analytical and that neurotic, like I am. I don’t think that’ll ever leave me. I think I’ve bettered myself and I’ve amended situations, but I’m always going to find ways of disliking myself because that’s just part of who I am."

- Matty Healy on self-loathing (x)

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"Six months ago I was always worrying about what was coming next, but now I realize worrying about things I don’t have control over is pointless."

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reblogging this again because Channing is actually so fucking funny

He’s truly an inspiration

I love him omg.

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